Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Personal Learning Environments - Fiction or Future?

Personal Learning Module

Personal Learning Module - Can existing schools adapt to become laboratories for personal learning? 

With the increasing availability of portable lessons and educational opportunities outside the classroom, one of the challenges that communities face is how to transform traditional schools into exciting personal learning laboratories.

The study module picture was designed for middle and high school students and can be located in what was once a traditional media center. The media center can be transformed into a interactive, collaborative space that has the opportunity for various levels of engagement with students and teachers, from large groups to individual "pods" that can be customized to each students emotions (color changing LED) , learning styles and interests.

The Learning Environments Studio (LES) at McAllister & Associates Architecture is committed to exploring new solutions for schools to be transformed into dynamic learning labs for tomorrows students.


  1. Hhhm. Very interesting. As a new school teacher, I like the design a lot. I could personally maximize this environment in a very powerful way to co-create some incredibly exciting projects with students. Looking forward to this. Hopefully it will not take too long to become a reality...

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